Sicherheitstüren mit Abhoerschutz
Sicherheitstüren mit Abhoerschutz
Sicherheitstüren mit Abhoerschutz

Communications interception security doors

Communications interception security doors – security door – communications interception protection

Locations for use:

  • Critical infrastructures such as government buildings, embassies, and intelligence agencies
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Research laboratories and research institutions
  • Industrial groups

Our door and wall systems offer absolute protection against communications interception and radiation. All NATO/BW and BSI directives are strictly complied with. Sound insulation: all acoustic interconnection paths are blocked. Depending on the system, high-frequency shielding takes place in the 1 KHz to 40 GHz range, with screening attenuation of 25 dB to 130 dB.

Any required electronic locking systems are filtered. There are options to combine the systems with fire safety, armour and radiation protection requirements.